WordPress maintenance plans

There are a couple of things to keep in mind for your WordPress website:

  1. Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date with fresh content is not only good for your readers, but search engines love it too. It’s one reason why a lot of people post to their blogs on such a regular basis.
  2. When WordPress and plugin authors release updates, it’s often to improve functionality, but is also often because they have identified a security loophole which hackers can take advantage of. Therefore, in order to avoid falling victim to such an attack, it’s critical to keep your plugins, themes and WordPress files updated.

So now you have a great site, but who wants to deal with ongoing site security, updates and backups? Not everyone has time to log into their WordPress admin areas on a regular basis, and others are nervous of running the updates in case it breaks something on the site.

That’s why I offer a comprehensive maintenance service which also includes unlimited small tasks on your site within the monthly fee.

A small task is anything which can be completed within 30 minutes (you’d be surprised what can be achieved in that time) – updating images, adding blog posts, tweaking forms, changing special offers – the list is endless. And if your task is likely to take longer, I’ll let you know and send over a quote accordingly.

What’s more, your website will be backed up daily,  updates will be run on any out-of-date plugins, themes or files daily too, and your site will be monitored for any hacking attempts, and cleaned in the case of an attack.