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How can I jumpstart my website?

Your website should deliver all the clients you can handle and more.

It should build your email list…

It should get more people to like and follow you on social media…

And it should be visible and compelling when people search in Google.

If your website isn’t doing everything you think it should to bring you more clients and more sales, then this is for you…

Almost every entrepreneur I speak to wants to know how they can improve the performance of their website.

It may feel like a minefield out there, but when you have some action steps to take, and have some clarity on the reason why your current efforts aren’t bearing the fruit that you expect them to, the task ahead will become far more manageable.

Grab a free website jumpstart session with me

Speaking to entrepreneurs about the frustrations that they’re facing with their website and online marketing is something that I cherish having the opportunity to do.

Mainly because I know I can help them.

So every week I set aside a small amount of time when I can connect with entrepreneurs who are facing challenges and put together a road plan of improvements that they can make on their site and with their online marketing generally.

I’m busy. Why should I make time?

This may be the best 30 minutes you spend on your business this month.

Your website jumpstart session is free and together we will:

  • look through your website and identify areas for improvement
  • review the messaging and elements which need attention
  • help you gain clarity on steps to improve your online presence
  • provide you with a set of actions that you can take away and implement straight away

The effect of this will make a real difference to the goals and outcomes of your business.

I value your time, and realise that you have so many other things that that are demanding your attention, which is why I strive to make this call full of easy to implement steps which you can be taking today, along with helpful tools.

You’ll inadvertently also be helping fellow entrepreneurs. The questions you bring up in these calls, are often the basis for my next weekly blog post, because other entrepreneurs are frequently facing similar challenges.

Vicky’s advice was spot on and helped me to figure out my next steps. I am keen to get a full lead generation process in place and it’s all starting to come together, but I found it really useful to focus on the next steps so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

Alison Reeves

Write to Win

Vicky has the ability to tap into the marketing needs of your business and provide solutions to assist you in increasing your clientele. Her knowledge of online marketing helps you gain clarity in your vision and her personality makes it easy to work with her.

Tina Hines

Life Transformationalist

Thank you VERY much for your inspirational advice and encouragement. I will put it into practise as soon as I can and hope that it creates an opportunity to engage your services and talents for the next phase.

David Rolfe

Memoir Services

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