A Zambian leopard

A nifty bit of trivia

Did you know that the collective noun for leopards is a leap (which by the way, is also a collective term for hares)? And while I’m on a roll,completely unrelated, but here’s some others that you may find interesting:

  • a knot of snakes
  • a labour of moles
  • a lamentation of swans
  • an ambush of tigers (I’m sure you know this, but there are no tigers in Africa)
  • a prattle of parrots

The leopard story

Wow, I’m so touched that you want to learn more about this guy.

It was 3rd June 2001.

South Luangwa in Zambia is renowned for daytime leopard sightings, but I’d only been there a short time, and so far, had only spotted some of these amazing creatures at dusk.

This particular day was remarkable to me, not only because it was my birthday, where not a soul knew that it was a day to be celebrated, but because today, this young leopard treated me to one of the most memorable and best birthday gifts I could have asked for – my first daytime leopard sighting.

There were many many more to come, but this one will always remain special to me, and was probably the closest encounter that I ever had with one of these beautiful creatures. Straight after this shot was taken, he dropped, only meters away, and silently sauntered away.

On a day where there would be no cake, no post could be delivered, no phones existed to take a call, and email was an unthought of impossibility, I had one of the most special birthdays imaginable.