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We first worked with Carpet Bags back in 2005 and their website now needed a major overhaul. It needed to be responsive, easy to update, help manage inventory levels and have an easy checkout system. Their new ecommerce site started seeing orders within an hour of going live and the response from one of their first customers on the new site filled us with a happy glow:

Congratulations on the set-up of your order form…I frequently get completely tangled up in some Internet order forms, but yours was easy to understand, straightforward, and everything went through without a hitch!

Author: Vicky Etherington

Vicky Etherington is a website mentor on a mission to empower 500 small businesses this year to take control of their own website and online marketing. She has been working to help small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their websites and online visibility since 2003.


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11th August 2014